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Company Profile

Shenzhen Spitzer Electronic Co., Ltd.,Established in 2004, professional research and development, design, production and sales of various types of high and low frequency transformer and inductance coil enterprises, the products are mainly used in various types of power equipment such as charging pile, communication power, power supply, industrial control power, home appliances, medical Power supply, UPS power supply, rail transportation and military power, etc .; since its inception, Spitz has always uphold "for customers and the community to create value for enterprises and employees to create prospects" entrepreneurial spirit in the global, international And the market-oriented business structure in the continuous innovation and development.

The company is located in Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, from the Shenzhen International Airport and Fuyong Terminal only 5 minutes by car; The company's existing production area of 15,000 square meters, 32 advanced production lines, with advanced testing equipment and strict Testing means, the production of all the industry by the more advanced technology and standards of production, with an annual output of 60 million transformers ; Division I have a strict process and sound quality assurance system, from Raw materials into the factory to the factory to implement a full range of quality inspection, so that the product quality can be fully guaranteed.

We have always been the integrity and pragmatic spirit of our customers as the direction of our efforts to the quality of the product as the lifeblood of the company, we will, as always, in the integrity, pragmatic With our high-quality products for our customers to provide satisfactory services , and our customers and common development, for a better future!